The system's concept is simply the subsequent step to keep changing a city that proved sustainability and high life quality are tightly related.


The first stage to the system's design was to study Bogotá's characteristics, review her Mobility Master Plan and to acknowledge what caused the city's radical turn and urban renewal, best exemplified through a world class Rapid Bus Transit system (TransMilenio). Social inclusion and cultural respect set the foundations to the following design process and the design of a representative vehicle for the new taxi system.


Starting with the interior a form emerged coupling the needs of passengers and drivers.  Its friendly image remarks its public character, while the usage of indigenous elements reminds of its origin.


BogotáTaxi’s goal is to work within an integral, interconnected public transportation system that serves the city’s inhabitants offering an effective, sustainable and human mobility service.


Bogotá faces huge mobility challenges and if it wants to give her citizens the quality of life they deserve and get back to the center of attention in Latin America it needs to be as radical as it was at the beginning of the century.