Assisted by Wilhelm Coetzer


I do materialize a fusion between digital production technology and contemporary Viennese handcraft through design objects that actively involve users in the design process, by allowing them to co-define those objects, which hopefully trigger a stronger and more sustainable, long lasting attachment to the products.


The simplicity and sensitivity of the resulting objects celebrate both production techniques.  The deliberate application of frugal design looks forward to integrate the accessories and products in every space.


This standing lamp is the first result of experimentation with diverse 3D-Printing materials like steel, ceramics or plastics carefully combined with handcrafted wood, aluminium or brass.


The Mission – Create a more human and sustainable background to production merging digital technology with the city’s finest handcraft.


The Vision – Render hand manufacturing as irreplaceable, but always interdependent and more valuable.

© Nikolai Ktrimmer

© VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollketiv Fischka/Petra Rautenstrauch